License Usage

License Usage

Our billing system updates our partner's invoices at the end of the month for accurate license usage. 

Our platform relies on our partners to utilize the correct billing codes on the end of the device name. When installing Magnus Box on a computer for the first time, it will prompt for the device name. Partners can name their devices anything that they would like. However, partners will have to append the below codes to the end of the device name:

Device billing code / Device type

-NFR / Not for resale
-END / Endpoint
-SRV / Server
-VM / Virtual Machine
-VMH / Virtual Machine Host
-B2 / BackBlaze Storage (Exclusive to Bring Your Own Storage plans)

For example, If you had a desktop assigned to Bob, you could use "Bob-END". This will indicate to our billing system that the device is using a desktop license.

For license questions, please email