User Configuration

Protected Items

Protected Items Overview tab In the "Description" field, enter a brief name describing what data is being backed up. Select which type of data is to be protected. Items tab For more information about the settings for each Protected Item type, please see the Protected Item documentation. Schedules Magnus Box can run backup jobs automatically on a schedule. It is strongly recommended to automate your backups on a regular schedule. Click the plus button to add a new schedule. ...


Magnus Box supports Quota restrictions based on different types of data measurements. All Protected Items Quota You can set a limit on the maximum size of all Protected Items in the user's account. When a backup job is performed, the total size of Protected Items is checked against this quota, and the backup job will be aborted if it would exceed quota. If possible, the quota limits are checked before starting the backup, to avoid inconvenient interruptions and wasted bandwidth. Device ...

Email Addresses

Magnus Box has some built-in features to send email reports to customers. You can configure any number of email addresses for a user account. Email addresses can be configured via the Magnus Box Server and via the Magnus Box Backup client. An administrator can set an account policy to control whether users are allowed to modify their own email addresses. Custom email reports The default backup report is an immediate email as soon as any backup job finishes. As of Magnus Box 18.9.3, Magnu...


An administrator can change user account properties, Protected Item, Storage Vault, Device, and Policy settings via the Magnus Box web interface. A user can change their own Protected Item and Storage Vault settings via the Magnus Box client application and the web interface. The descriptions in this section apply to both situations.


The Magnus Box app resets the user's timezone automatically, to match the user's operating system timezone. An administrator can set the user's timezone to any valid IANA tzdata timezone. The default timezone for new accounts is always Etc/UTC. The user's local timezone is used to calculate schedule times (e.g. a scheduled backup for "Friday 7 AM" means a different UTC instant depending on the customers' configured timezone).


The user is able to set their own language. Language / Code English / en_US Spanish / es_ES Portuguese (Brazil) / pt_BR Dutch / nl_NL Italian / it_IT German / de_DE French / fr_FR Croatian / hr_HR Russian / ru_RU Hebrew / he_IL Portuguese (Europe) / pt_PT Help translate Magnus Box Our company is committed to making Magnus Box available in multiple languages. Our staff mostly only speak English, so we contract translation companies to perform this work. However, the best-q...


Passwords must be at least eight characters long. The password must be on one line (no CR/LF bytes are permitted). Any other characters are permitted, including spaces, special characters, symbols, and characters from international alphabets.