Frequently Asked Questions

Does Magnus Box contact my client's?

No, we will never contact your clients or attempt to sell to them. We work directly through our partners.

Is Magnus Box channel friendly?

Yes, Magnus box is 100% channel-friendly. We only sell to other technology-related businesses. Magnus box was built by techs for techs.

Why was Magnus Box created?

Magnus Box was created based on the needs of our clients. We have been selling other backup solutions for years that we felt were either too expensive or did not fit the needs of our clients. We also created Magnus Box after watching client after clients hard drives fail and losing everything from precious pictures all the way up to important business documents. We have sent clients failed hard drives out to data recovery companies. The cost to recover that data was anywhere from $900 all the ...

How reliable is Magnus Box?

Our servers are backed up daily. We also run multiple servers in the event that one goes offline. All of our servers replicate the data constantly to ensure that there is not a single point of failure.

Where is my data clients data stored?

Your client's data is stored and replicated between our two data centers located in California & Virginia. These data centers have been vetted and certified SOC-2 compliant.

Can Magnus Box view any of my clients files?

No, Magnus Box is not able to view anyone's files once they are encrypted and sent to our data centers. The only way anyone can view your client's data is by logging into their account using their username and password from within the Magnus Box application.

Is my clients data secure?

Your client's data is encrypted before it is sent to be safely stored at our two data centers. Data is sent through the internet securely using SSL for secure upload/download of your client's files. The data is once again encrypted at rest once it arrives at our data centers. Our data centers are located on the East and West coast of the United States. These two data centers replicate the data in real time to ensure data continuity.

What does the word Magnus mean?

The word Magnus is Latin. It has a number of translations such as great, mighty, & large. We feel that the name Magnus Box is a perfect fit for the services that we offer.