Synology Installation

Magnus Box for Synology

This package is a installer for our Linux software. Once the installation is done, you should see the device appear as online on your dashboard. There is no interface provided on the actual Synology device. This package is simply meant to circumvent the tediousness associated with using SSH to manually install Magnus Box.

If you would like to install MagnusBox onto your Synology device via SSH, check out our Linux installation guide: Linux Installation - Magnus Box LLC Knowledge Base

Getting Started

To download Magnus Box onto your Synology NAS, first find out what your Synology model is:

Package Download

Find what package architecture your Synology is using by searching for the model or the CPU in the list of architectures using the given link:

What kind of CPU does my Synology NAS have? | Synology Inc.

Version 6.2.x

1. x86_64 (apollolake, avoton, braswell, broadwell, broadwellnk, boradwellntb, broadwellntbap, bromolow, cedarview, coffeelake, denverton, geminilake, grantley, kvmx64, purley, skylaked, v1000 and all new x86_64-based platforms)

2. armv5 (coming soon, 628x included, please note that this platform is deprecated on DSM7)

3. armv7 (alpine, alpine4k included)

4. armv8 (rtd1296, armada37xx included)

5. i686 (evansport included)

6. comcerto2k

7. armada370

8. armada375

9. armada38x

10. armadaxp (coming soon)

11. monaco (coming soon)

Version 7.x.x

Synology's beta version 7.0 is currently not supported at this time. We will add this given popular demand.

If your package is not listed above, or there are any issues whatsoever with the installation, please email us at [email protected] with the details.


Go to your Package Center and click 'Manual Install' in the top right of the window. 

Choose the file you downloaded from above and go through the prompts. From here, it should feel like a normal Magnus Box installation. Once finished, your device should appear online from your dashboard. From there, you may issue backups and restores from the web.

Don't worry if you happen to see a message talking about the package signing, just click yes and move on (signing is only important for packages on their official store).


There's a couple known issues that may happen when installing. 

  • Wrong credentials
  • Could not download the installer from your partner web dashboard
  • Insufficient permissions
  • Could not locate /opt/<companyName>

If anything goes wrong, reinstall the package, and pay close attention to the credentials. The package will not install correctly if any credentials are wrong. 

The other scenarios are far less common. If you need support with an issue regarding the Synology package, please provide us the contents of /var/log/packages/MagnusBox.log. This will help us correctly identify what the issue is. Please also verify if the /opt/<companyName> folder is present.

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