Magnus Box detects the current device based on a hardware ID.

The hardware ID may be changed in some situations:

  • if you replace the motherboard or CPU; or
  • if you upgrade the BIOS / UEFI, without preserving hardware IDs; or
  • if you virtualize a physical server; or
  • if you migrate a VM guest to a different VM host, without preserving hardware IDs; or
  • if you install "sandboxing" software, or install certain PC security software that includes a "sandboxing" feature (e.g. Comodo Containment); or
  • if you make certain specific modifications to the operating system.

In these situations, the device's hardware ID will change, and Magnus Box will recognize the PC as a new device.

Handling a changed device ID

If your device is recognized as a new device, you should register it again.

The original backup data is still preserved in the Storage Vault and will be deduplicated against any future backups from this device.

You can move the Protected Item settings from one device to another, by using the Copy/Paste buttons in the Magnus Box web interface on the user's page > Protected Items tab.

The old device should be revoked once the new device has been properly set up to prevent it from incurring a license charge, alternatively, removing all Protected items from the old device will also prevent the device from being charged.

The backup job log history will be preserved in the customer's account, but, it will be associated with the old device.

  • Once you de-register the original device, it would show as "Unknown device (XXXXX...)" in the job history.
  • The customer can still see these old jobs in the Magnus Box web interface.
  • The customer can still see these old jobs in Magnus Box if they use the filter option > "All devices".

Because the device is detected as a new device, the billing period for this device will be restarted.

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