The "Windows System Backup" Protected Item type uses the wbadmin program to write a disk image to the spool directory; backs up the spool directory with Magnus Box; and then cleans up the spool directory. Magnus Box automatically removes this directory after the backup, even if the backup failed.

If the directory exists at the start of a backup job, this could mean either

  1. Magnus Box did not have the chance to clean up the directory (e.g. the PC was not shut down safely); or
  2. another Magnus Box backup job is running simultaneously; or
  3. another non-Magnus Box software on the PC is also using the wbadmin functionality for System State or Windows System Backup.

You can avoid case 2 above by using the "Skip if already running" option.

It's not generally possible to distinguish between case 1 and case 3 above. If you look at the job history or the customer's PC, and you are able to make a positive distinction between these cases, it may be safe to delete the directory.

You can temporarily add the following command as a "Before" command to the backup job:

rmdir /S /Q "X:\WindowsImageBackup\"

You should then remove this command from the job settings after the command has run, because this command would cause problems if two Magnus Box backup jobs ever run simultaneously in the future.

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