Logging into the Magnus Box Software

Enter the client's username and password that you created in your web portal, and click the "Sign In" button to log in.

Custom server address 

The server address will be automatically filled, pointing to the Magnus Box Server that generated the client software.

However, if you used the demo software on the same devices and are installing your paid Magnus Box software, you may need to change the URL.

  • Check the "Advanced Settings" option, to display the Server field
  • Enter the server address. The address should include the protocol (http/https); any non-default port; and a trailing forward-slash (/) character.

Device registration 

If this is the first time logging in to your Magnus Box Backup account from this device, you will be prompted to register the device into your account. If you are using a special license such as NFR or VM, follow this link

Importing data 

Magnus Box will scan your local device for certain online backup products from other software vendors. If a supported product is found, you may be prompted to import settings from the detected product

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