Commands executed before or after a backup don't run

Problem: Commands executed before or after a backup don't run

Description: Magnus Box client is installed with the minimum permissions required to perform a backup, and a little more. It is unlikely that the client software will have all the permissions to stop or start many processes or services.

  • Possible causes and solutions:
    1. the command may be located in a directory to which the Magnus Box client cannot access. Place the batch file in a directory which can be accessed by the client software. Check that the command also has permission to execute the instructions contained in the batch file.
    2. use services.msc to change the backup.delegate service to "log on as" LOCAL SYSTEM; or
    3. grant additional permissions to the NT SERVICE\backup.delegate user account. In fact each running Windows service has a full ACL set. A good overview is here:

A cautionary note:

  • Granting too many, or unwarranted, privileges to the Magnus Box client is not recommended. Care should be taken to ensure that only the bare minimum extra permissions are granted. Granting extra privileges should not be the default go-to solution.
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