Seed Loading Instructions

Did you just receive your encrypted hard drive for your Seed Loading service from the Magnus Box team? Use the below instructions to guide you through the Seed Loading process. If you get stuck, please email [email protected].

1. Carefully open the box and unpack the encrypted hard drive along with the cables. Do not damage any of the packaging as you will need it to ship the hard drive back to us.

2. Connect the hard drive to the device that you need to perform the seed loading on.

3. Open up This PC to see WD Unlocker drive under Devices and drives. WD Unlocker is nothing but a password protected WD external hard drive. Double-click on WD Unlocker to see the WD Drive Unlock file.

4. Double-click on the WD Drive Unlock file. Type in your password and then click the Unlock Drive button to unlock your WD external drive.

5. The WD Drive Unlock utility should open up asking you for the encryption password.

6. Retrieve the encryption password from the email we sent you and input it into the password box on the WD Drive Unlock utility. Then click unlock drive.

7. A new drive should be available in the file explorer. Note: The hard drive will automatically lock once you disconnect or eject the drive from the PC.

8. Open the Magnus Box application on the endpoint and click on the account tab. Then you can click on Add Storage Vault.

9. From there the Add Storage Vault prompt will appear. Click on Custom then enter the name "Seed Load". This will initially represent the seed device, and will later represent the remote device.

10. Click on the Storage tab and make sure Local Path is selected and point the path to the encrypted hard drive. Once you have finished, press save. (Do not remove the Seed Loading vault from the Magnus Box Software. Doing so will break the Seed Loading service).

11. Perform a backup to that storage vault.

12. Once the backup has finished, disconnect the hard drive and carefully package and ship the hard drive back to:

Magnus Box LLC, SLS
PO Box 329,
Merrill, MI, 48637

Note: Don't forget to include all of the cables and a copy of the invoice for the Seed Loading service.

13. We will notify you once we have received the drive and when we have completed uploading the data to our storage servers.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

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