Restore Via Mail

Restore Via Mail is a great way to recover your clients' data in the event their computer crashed or have a slow internet connection. We load your clients' data onto an encrypted hard drive and mail it to your address.

How Does Restore Via Mail Work?

  1. Click the blue-button above that says "Click here to request a Restore Via Mail"
  2. You will be directed to a secure and encrypted JotForm where you will enter your information and your clients' backup credentials.
  3. We will send out a one-time invoice for the service. This invoice will include a one-time charge.
  4. Once the invoice has been paid, we will use the credentials from the JotForm to download your clients' data to the encrypted hard drive.
  5. We will mail the encrypted hard drive to the address on the form. We will open a ticket and provide you with the encryption key.
  6. You will receive the hard drive and be able to access the data on the drive using the password provided.
  7. You then have 30 days to return the encrypted hard drive. If the drive is not returned within 30 days, you will be charged for the hard drive.

Service Costs

There is a one-time cost associated with the Restore Via Mail service:

  1. Service Fee: $40*
  2. Hard Drive: $120** (Only charged if the drive is not returned after 30 days)

* The service fee includes the cost of shipping the drive to the partner in the United States. The partner will be responsible for the return costs. If the partner is outside of the United States, we will reach out to you with a quote.

** The hard drive charge is only assessed to a partner's account if the drive is not returned within 30 days. You also have the option to keep the drive if you would like. The 30-day timer starts the day you receive the drive and stops when the returned drive is postmarked.


As mentioned above, the hard drive that we ship out will be encrypted, and the encryption password will be provided to the partner via our ticketing system.

Data Limit & Speed

Our office currently has a 100/100 fiber connection. The Restore Via Mail service may take a few days to pull the data from our storage server, depending on the amount of data requested. Due to these limits, we are currently capping the Restore Via Mail service to 2 TB. With that being said, please reach out to us if you have more than 2 TB of data that you would like to request.

To return the drive, ship to:
Magnus Box LLC RVM
PO Box 329
Merrill, MI, 48637

A Few Things To Note

  • The 30-day timer starts the day you receive the drive and stops when the returned drive is postmarked.
  • Magnus Box Partners are responsible for return shipping costs back to Magnus Box, and for Partners outside of the United States, Magnus Box will not pay for taxes, duties, customs, or fees. Please arrange to have them prepaid before shipping or billed to the shipper (you). Packages that arrive postage due, or have taxes, fees, duties, customs or fees upon delivery will be refused.
  • All USB restores are prepared and shipped from the United States even if your data is stored in a non-U.S. data center.
  • It's not necessary to ship with a fast and potentially expensive service; however, we recommend that you use one that supports a tracking number just in case the package does not arrive. If you can specify delivery days with your shipper, please note that Magnus Box can not receive shipments on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • To take advantage of this program, place an order using the link above. Once you're ready to return the drive within 30 days of receiving it, erase the drive, pack it back in the inner box, including any cables or power adapters that were included. Please do not include any packing peanuts.
  • Include a printout of your invoice from your account in the box. 
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