Why and when was Magnus Box created?

Magnus Box started as an idea in January 2018. We started Magnus Box back then to benefit our Managed Service Provider company or MSP (Ctrl-Alt-Delete Computer Repair LLC).

We had just witnessed another business client lose all of their data. They thought their data was safe while being stored on a 6-year-old external hard drive. When they came into the office one day, all they could hear was clicking noises coming from their external hard drive.

We sent their hard drive out to a data recovery company. After a week or two, the quote to get their data back was over $2000. This small mom-and-pop business client could not afford to recover their data. Because they lost all of their data, they went out of business a few months later. 

Magnus Box was created because of these kinds of situations. We tried other backup solutions, and they either limit how much data you can backup, or they are too complicated or too clunky to use. Magnus Box fills these gaps by being easy to use and allowing unlimited data.

Along the way of growing Magnus Box for use in our MSP, a few of our friends in the industry saw what we were doing and said, “You should offer your platform to other IT companies.” It was this single sentence that sparked a massive change for Magnus Box. Over Thanksgiving 2018, we ripped out all of the systems we had built for our MSP and rebuilt them from the ground up to serve the MSP community.

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