White label branding

Magnus Box partners have the ability to white label their backup server and the application that is installed on their endpoints.
White label branding is subject to a $30 one time fee for major changes
To set up white-label branding please send an email with the below information to [email protected].
Logo sizes
The below logo's should be submitted in .png or .jpeg format.
Logo image (100x32) This image will be displayed in the lower-left corner of the software along with the upper left corner of the web portal
Tile image (150x150)  This image will be used for the ICO on the web portal along with being used as the icon for the desktop and toolbar. 
Product Information
The below information is used to create your backup platform brand name
Product Name:  The Product name is what the Magnus Box client will be named (the shortcut will automatically change to this name). The software will also install in Windows to "C:\Program Files\Product Name"
Help URL:  Setting the Help URL will add a Help tab on the client with your URL of choice (not required).
Logo Examples

Desktop Icon


Web Portal

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