Windows Event Log

Magnus Box logs all job messages to the Windows Event Log. The log content is identical to the job log content seen in the Magnus Box Server log browser, or the Magnus Box backup history table, or the Magnus Box API. This should allow you to check for errors and/or ensure that jobs are running on time, by monitoring the Windows Event Log.

However, please note that this only covers client-side jobs, that do actually run. e.g. because "Missed Backup" job entries are generated server-side, they won't appear in the client's event log. It is not feasible to use the Windows Event Log as a complete monitoring solution for your customer base.

The Magnus Box installer also logs some events, that can be used as a proxy for detecting software installation or upgrades.

Event IDs

Source Event ID Description
backup-service any Messages about installing and starting the Elevator service, and the Delegate service
backup-tool.exe 50 Backup job started
backup-tool.exe 51 Backup job finished
backup-tool.exe 52 Backup job log message. The Event Log entry severity corresponds to the Magnus Box log entry severity (Info/Warning/Error)
backup-tool.exe 53 Magnus Box installer has registered the backup-tool.exe Event Log source
backup-tool.exe 54 Magnus Box uninstaller has de-registered the backup-tool.exe Event Log source
backup-tool.exe 55 Message from the Magnus Box Delegate service
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