Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

Updated 7/22/22

**NOTE: This policy is deprecated and its end of life set for September 1st, 2023. After this date, a Pooled Storage model will go into effect. Workstations will add 1 TB or Pooled Storage; Servers will add 3 TB of Pooled Storage. For more information, see the announcement on our website.

About the Policy

The goal of this fair use policy is not to punish our Partners; rather, it is meant to allow us to handle the 1% of our Partners that are abusing the Magnus Box platform whether intentionally or unintentionally. We love being an unlimited backup provider, and this policy ensures that we are able to continue our operations while offering unlimited storage. Without this policy, Magnus Box would likely need to switch to a pooled storage model which would affect not only our Partners but our staff as well.

The Magnus Box fair use policy is intended to prevent fraud and abuse of our services relative to their intended target use and market. The fair use policy governs cloud storage utilization. If the use of the Magnus Box services exceeds the fair use limits, you will be in violation of this fair use policy. You will be subject to suspension, overage fees, and/or termination, as governed by this policy. Unless otherwise documented by Magnus Box LLC, the following fair use policy applies and is subject to change without notice.

The policy applies to all Magnus Box services, excluding local storage.

Magnus Box reserves the right to suspend your account and services if you are in violation of the policy.  If you have been suspended under this policy, a Magnus Box representative may contact you to mutually agree on a corrective action plan, including but not limited to:

  • Updating retention policies
  • Identifying data to remove from the cloud that is the cause for excessive usage
  • Removing old, duplicate, and/or unnecessary backups
  • Evaluation of any other settings or configurations that may cause data bloat
  • Agreeing on fair overage charges for the excessive usage

Once corrective action is agreed to and fully completed by you on a timetable set forth by Magnus Box, Magnus Box will reinstate previously suspended services. In all cases, Magnus Box reserves the right to terminate the account(s) (and delete the cloud resources utilized by such accounts) with usage exceeding the fair use policy within a 90-day notice if usage is not brought into compliance with this policy during such notice period. Resource utilization must be below fair use limits for a continuous 30 days before a breach of the fair use policy is considered cured.

Fair Use Limits

Cloud Storage

Used Cloud Storage is equal to the aggregate amount of data stored in the Magnus Box cloud after compression and deduplication for any and all services you are using, including storage used by all available retention, restore points, historical files or object revisions, search indexes, and other metadata.

Fair Use Cloud Storage is calculated as follows:

  • Each server cloud backup adds 5 TB to Fair Use Cloud Storage.
  • Each desktop cloud backup adds 1 TB to Fair Use Cloud Storage.
  • Each Office 365 cloud backup user adds 250 GB to Fair Use Cloud Storage

If used Cloud Storage exceeds Fair Use Cloud Storage limits, the fair use policy is violated. Violators will be subject to overages of $0.008 per GB per month over the allotted amounts or corrective action.

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