License Usage

License Usage

Our internal license tracking system updates our partner's invoices at the end of the month for accurate license usage. 

This system utilizes two critical pieces of information to bill you for your license usage accurately:

  1. The device operating system
  2. The tag at the end of the device name

When installing Magnus Box on a device for the first time, it will prompt you for the device name. Partners can name their devices anything they would like. However, partners will need to append the below codes to take advantage of NFR or VM special pricing.

Device billing code / Device type

-NFR / Not for resale (These licenses can be used on workstations and servers)

**Obsolete billing codes / Device Type
-WRK / Workstation
-END / Endpoint
-SRV / Server

**These billing codes are no longer needed as we can now detect the device operating system as of March 2020. We will bill you for license usage accordingly based on this information.

Devices not using the above codes

When our billing system is unable to update your license usage automatically, a Magnus Box staff member has to manually review device usage and make a best guess decision to determine the type of license you are using. If you don't agree with your estimated license usage, please contact us, and we will assist you in setting up the billing codes correctly.

What if I forgot to change the billing code or need to update it?

You can log in to your web portal and go to the user account, then click on the devices tab. There will be a button on the right that will allow you to rename your device.

What is the point of this billing code system? Why do we have to do this?

By using this method, we don't have to charge minimums or sell individual license codes to our partners. By doing this, we are able to help keep our per device license pricing low. We also don't believe in forcing you to pay for licenses that you are not using. (We have been there, we didn't like it either).

Disk Image & Office 365 Backup

Disk image and Office 365 backup usage are autodetected and no special codes are needed. However, these licenses  are not included with the NFR devices at this time. You will be charged for these backup types on an NFR device. Clarification on the billing of Office 365 backups can be found here.

For license questions, please email [email protected].

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