Office 365 - Overview

Using this Protected Item type will incur additional charges. Please see the pricing sheet in your billing portal for more information.

The "Microsoft Office 365" Protected Item type allows you to back up data from your Office 365 cloud account. The backup job runs on the local device, using Magnus Box client-side encryption, compression, and deduplication to store data efficiently.

The following Office 365 services are supported:

  • Exchange Online
    • Mailbox (Email)
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
  • Sites
    • SharePoint
    • OneDrive for Business
    • Teams Files

NOTE: Microsoft Online Services are responsible for the availability of the Office 365 online service and meeting their SLA guarantees. There are first-party archival and history solutions such as Retention Policy and Litigation Hold. Back up your Office 365 cloud account, for purposes of data safety; redundancy; resilience to tampering, misconfiguration, and accidental loss; legal compliance; unified reporting with other backup sources; and ease of restoring single items.

Overview - Office 365 services 

When selecting mailboxes for backup – you can choose ALL user, or Individual users or specific Azure AD groups

Services Backup Local Restore Cloud Restore What's Supported What's Not Supported
Exchange Online
Mailbox (Email) Yes Yes Yes Active users, shared mailboxes Guest users, Deleted users, Discovery mailbox, Archive mailbox, Journal mailbox, Outlook group mailboxes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes Restore to local:JSON format
Contacts Yes Yes Yes Restore to local:JSON format
Tasks No No No
SharePoint Online
Sites Yes Yes No Restore lists, documents and pages individually
Lists Yes Yes Yes
Pages Yes Yes No
OneDrive for Business
Document Library (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) Yes Yes Yes Displayed under "Documents" in associated SharePoint site
Files Yes Yes Yes Displayed under "Documents" in associated SharePoint site
Chat No No No
Calendar No No No
Meetings No No No
Call No No No
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